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InvestYourWay enables clients to build a bespoke, professional-grade fund in seconds, placing you at the heart of the global financial markets, so you can take control and seize opportunity.

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Bespoke funds as individual as you are

InvestYourWay is a discretionary investment management service that enables clients to build a professional-grade fund in seconds. While other services group customers into a handful of funds based on limited criteria, with just a few clicks InvestYourWay clients can construct and activate customised funds that are completely tailored to their individual budget, product preferences and appetite for risk.

InvestYourWay enables clients to respond to opportunity whenever it strikes across the global financial markets – delivering complete visibility into their custom fund’s performance and market data in real time, rather than complex and opaque monthly reports. The service rebalances funds automatically to mitigate against risk, and extends these responsive and agile controls to clients. Providing exclusive access to a market-standard toolkit, funds exist to maximise the clients’ return, not managers’ convenience.

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“IG recognised the benefit to their customers and have stood behind an innovative FinTech business”

FinTech Innovation Awards 2015

“It is refreshing to see a FinTech company that is focused on putting pounds in the pockets of their customers”

“You can build one, or several, ‘funds’ which are individual and unique to you. You can then very easily rebalance your portfolio at no extra cost at a simple click of a button.”

Graham Clark –

“I always assumed having a catered investment management service required a large initial investment unlike InvestYourWay. A huge plus for me was their impressive partnership with IG”

T Towndrow – InvestYourWay client

“The partnerships between InvestYourWay and IG Group follows a growing interest in the online investment management space.”

Anna Irrera – Financial News

“Their funds are totally bespoke to each individual user. You choose how much risk you want to take and let them know your areas of interest, then they help hand-pick your investments.”

Julie Cheung –

“I’ve previously chosen between different investment funds but never found anyone who would take my preferences and design a solution for me.”

Paul Humphreys – InvestYourWay client

“IG Group has teamed up with compatriot investment management services provider InvestYourWay to offer its clients the opportunity to build funds according to their personal taste and preferences.”

Andrew Saks-McLeod –

“The key differentiator is that you are able to select not only your risk tolerance but also any products that interest you. They then build the perfect portfolio”

Sean Deighton –

“A manual Google search process carried out by an individual to work out how best to invest might take days at the least, or more realistically weeks and even months – but on InvestYourWay, it can be done in seconds”

Elliott Holley – Banking Technology

Secure and transparent – in association with IG

Each fund is secure, transparent and compliant – designed, built and supported by a dedicated team of financial technology pioneers, and underpinned by IG, an award winning provider of retail financial products to over 120,000 clients worldwide. InvestYourWay’s governing board leverages an established track record of financial markets expertise, success and growth to ensure we continue to deliver an exceptional service to our clients.

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